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Leave it to us for establishing a company

Updated: Apr 26

We have a wealth of experience in establishing a company, so please leave it to our office. Our office supports electronic certification of the articles of incorporation, so you can save 40,000 yen in stamp fees when preparing the articles of incorporation on paper.

Flow of company establishment

Broadly speaking, there are certification of articles of incorporation and incorporation registration procedures.

1. Certification of the Articles of Incorporation

  • We will interview you about the company's business purpose, capital, institutional design, number of promoters, name and address of promoters, and other matters necessary for certification of the articles of incorporation.

  • We will prepare the articles of incorporation based on the contents of the hearing.

  • The promoter must obtain a seal registration certificate and affix a registered seal to the power of attorney.

  • Our office will bring the power of attorney and seal registration certificate to the notary public office for electronic articles of incorporation certification.

  • The documents received from the notary public office will be handed over to the judicial scrivener.

2. Incorporation registration

We will ask a judicial scrivener office affiliated with our office to register the company establishment.

Cost Estimation
  • Expert fee: 100,000 yen ~ 130,000 yen for 1 and 2 above +

  • Certification fee for articles of incorporation: 30,000 yen, 40,000 yen, or 50,000 yen, depending on the capital +

  • Registration and license tax: 150,000 yen ~ depending on the capital +

  • Other transportation expenses, mailing fee: 3,000 yen ~ 5,000 yen

= About 300,000 yen ~



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