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Preparation of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
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A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an agreement between two companies in the preliminary stages of a business transaction to exchange or unilaterally provide confidential information that each party possesses. The purpose of this agreement is to prohibit the other party from using the confidential information for any other purpose or leaking it to any third party.

As a company offering confidential information, this is a very important contract because it requires the other party to maintain the confidential information with a duty of care.

In addition, legal action can be easily taken by stipulating that a prior injunction may be requested if there is a risk that the other party will use the information for purposes other than the intended use or leak the information to a third party, or by stipulating that a claim for damages may be filed against the other party if the information is actually used for purposes other than the intended use or leaked to a third party.

Our firm has experience in drafting numerous confidentiality agreements and has received favorable remarks from our clients.

​Remuneration 10,000 yen (excluding tax)

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Clauses to be stipulated in NDA
1. Definition of Confidential Information

Define what is and is not included in confidential information. When information is unilaterally tendered, the scope of confidential information may be broadened, and when information is often received, the scope of confidential information may be narrowed.

2. Confidentiality obligations

This section stipulates the prohibition of use for purposes other than the intended purpose and the prohibition of disclosure or leakage to a third party.

3. Scope of possible disclosure

It stipulates that information may be disclosed to those who need to handle the information, such as officers and employees of the counterparty within the scope of the purpose, provided that they are obligated to assume obligations equivalent to those in the contract. It may also stipulate that the information may be disclosed to lawyers, tax accountants, and other professionals who are legally obligated to maintain confidentiality.

4. Prohibition of reproduction

The counterparty is prohibited from reproducing the Confidential Information beyond the extent necessary. 

5. Obligation to Return or Destroy

This section defines the obligation to return or dispose of confidential information in the event that the NDA is terminated or expires.

6. Ownership of intellectual property rights to confidential information

The provision of confidential information shall not imply the transfer of any intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, design, utility model, or copyright, etc.).

TEL: 090-7702-8565



Our Strength

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Professional enrolled in US Law School provide legal services in English as well as Japanese. Legal services in English are "probably" only available at this price in Japan. *
* This is a personal opinion based on past experience and achievements, and does not guarantee such a matter.

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