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Notary fee for company establishment lowered

Updated: Apr 26

Japanese Notary Public's Office has lowered the fee for notarizing articles of incorporation since Jan. 2022 to enhance entrepreneurship and economy in Japan. Reducing the fee is the first time since 1939 when notarizing system started.

Before: 50,000 yen uniformly

After: share capital < 1 mil. yen→30,000 yen 1 mil. yen ≦ share capital < 3 mil. yen →40,000 yen 3 mil. yen ≦ share capital → 50,000 yen

As our firm can file electronic articles of incorporation, you can save 40,000 yen stamp duty required when filing articles of incorporation in writing. If you consider establishing a company in Japan, please consult us!



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