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​報酬額 300,000円(税別)~

How We Work with You

1. Designing of system

Because there are a wide variety of items to consider when issuing stock options, such as exercise conditions, exercise period and exercise price, various types of stock options can be issued depending on the design. If you wish to issue tax-eligible stock options to the executives and employees of your company, we will cooperate with the tax accountant's office which we have business relationships to support the issuance of stock options.


2. Conference management

In order to issue stock options, it is required to go through the various institutional decisions of the company, such as resolutions of issuing stock options at general meetings of shareholders and allocation resolutions at the Board of Directors (or approval of the execution of contracts for the total number of shares) under the Companies Act. Our office has a wealth of experience in supporting the management of these meetings.


3. Documentation

Before issuing stock acquisition rights, it is necessary to prepare documents that are of high difficulty under the Companies Act as follows: Our office has extensive experience in the preparation of these documents.

  (1) Notice of Convocation of General Meeting of Shareholders

  (2) Guidelines for Issuance of Stock Options

  (3) Stock Options Allocation Agreement or Underwriting Agreement on Total Number of Stock Options

  (4) Stock Options Application Form

  (5) Minutes of general meeting of shareholders, minutes of board of directors etc.


As for the support fees, we will estimate it each time after hearing the contents of your requests, so please do not hesitate to contact us.





​報酬額 300,000円(税別)~



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