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Corporate Legal Consulting

We advise the company listed on TSE. A professional with 14 years of corporate legal experience at the real estate company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the trading company listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and our firm, will support your companies to solve various problems and issues in corporate legal affairs including companies act-related matters, contract preparation and review, advertising screening, stock option issuance, and organizational restructuring, etc.
In addition, we can also provide consultation and document preparation regarding corporate legal affairs in English. We have a lot of achievements in preparing English contracts, translating them into Japanese, and reviewing them, and we have received high evaluations with those services from our clients.

Hourly rate 200$

Support provided:

  • Manage shareholder meetings (SHM) and board of director meetings (BOD)

  • Manage company shares

  • Create notice of SHM and Annual Financial Report

  • Prepare minutes for SHM and BOD

  • Prepare company rules & regulations

  • Draw up various contracts and review them

  • ​Advertisement legal review

  • Issue share option and manage share option registry

  • Prepare a detailed rules for execution of share option

  • Operation for execution of share option and issuance of stocks

  • Develop corporate governance structure

  • Manage compliance with Corporate Governance Code

  • Prepare corporate governance report

  • Prepare report for individual directors

  • Create disclosure documents for submission to TSE through TDnet and Financial Services Agency through EDINET

  • Prepare report on large shareholders

  • Restructuring of the enterprise such as M&A and share swap, etc.


OGAWA Gyoseishoshi Law Firm: 2-14-328, Yotsuya Saneicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


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