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Contact Us for English/Japanese Translation

Updated: Apr 26

The professional who graduated from U.S. Law School and has TOEIC score 950 will support English/Japanese translation of legal documents difficult to understand.

Reason Why Manual Translation Necessary

Due to the existence of particles and the difficulty of composing Japanese, it may become unnatural English even if AI is used, so manual translation is still essential. We translate the internal regulations of our continuing client into English, but when it comes to difficult legal documents, we are keenly aware of the importance of human translation. There may be many companies that have trouble translating such difficult documents into English and Japanese. As for English and Japanese translations of legal documents, considerable knowledge and skills are required because if you do not translate after properly understanding the law, there is a possibility that it will have a completely different meaning.


Our firm has a wealth of experience in English and Japanese translations of difficult legal documents. For a company that is having trouble translating difficult documents into English or Japanese, please consult us once.


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