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Prepare and Review Company Rules & Regulations

Articles of Incorporation

Board of Director Rules

Rules for Internal Audits

Internal Meeting Rules

Rules for the Management of Affiliated Companies

Rules for Handling Company Shares

Nomination and Compensation Advisory Committee Rules

Organizational Rules

Organizational Chart

Rules for the Segregation of Duties

Chart of Segregation of Duties

Rules of Authorization

Rules for Request of Approval

Rules for Outsourcing Management

Financial Rules

Rules for Budgetary Management

Rules for Travel Expenses

Rules for Document Management

Rules for Company Seal Management

Compliance Rules

Rules for Fixed Assets

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Management Rules

Rules for Handling Anti-Social Entities

Risk Management Rules

Rules for Whistleblowing

Basic Policy on Information Security Systems

Rules for Information Security Management

Rules for Handling National Identification Numbers

Rules for Prevention of Insider Trading,


The rules & regulations above are some examples of our main offerings for our clients, but we can prepare other types of rules & regulations as well. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for any requirement you may have related to drafting rules & regulations. 

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