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中国観光ビザ、業務ビザ申請は当事務所にお任せください (Chinese Visa Application)

更新日:2 日前



観光ビザ 20,000円(税別)

業務ビザ 20,000円(税別)





  1. 中国ビザ申請センターのウェブサイトに行く

  2. 顔写真のアップロード、申告内容をオンライン入力

  3. 入力が完了したら、中国ビザ申請センター東京(または大使館・領事館)での面談日時を予約(面談日は最短でも3週間先)

  4. ご本人が同所での面談、審査を受ける

  5. 3~4営業日後、ビザが発給されるので受取または郵送。この際にビザ発給手数料をご本人がビザ申請センターまたは大使館・領事館に支払う


  • 顔写真は規格を満たしていないとはじかれてしまい、アップロードできない、

  • 入力項目が自身の情報、家族情報、滞在先の情報、等々多岐にわたり項目数がとても多い、

  • 漢字でしか入力できない箇所、仮名を入力できない箇所、ローマ字しか入力できない箇所がある、

  • 面談時に持参する書類が意外に多い、

  • ビザ申請センター東京が込み合っており、面談予約が2週間以上先になる、等でかなり煩雑




Phone: 090-7702-8565


LINE Account:



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[Chinese Visa Application]

If you are going to China for sightseeing or business trip, please contact our office for tourist L visa application and business M visa application. We accept tourist visa applications for 20,000 yen (tax not included) and business visa applications for 30,000 yen (tax not included). It takes about one month from the time of application to the issuance of visa, so it is essential to respond as soon as possible.

Although an individual can somehow apply it on his/her own, it was quite complicated, so it was safer to ask a specialist to help application.

If you would like to go to China for sightseeing or for a short stay for business, please contact us.

Since February 2nd, 2023, the Temporary Visitor Visa Waiver Program from Japan to China has no longer been available, and visa application is required for Temporary Visitor Visa as well.

How to apply (Summary):

1. Go to the China Visa Application Center website

2. Upload your photo and fill out the online application form.

3. After completing the form, make an appointment for a meeting at China Visa Application Center Tokyo.

4. Visa will be issued in a few days after the interview.

It may seem simple at first glance, but it is not.

・It is not possible to upload a photo if the photo does not meet the requirements,

・The number of input items is very large, including information about yourself, your family, and the place where you will stay,

・There are some fields where only kanji or romaji can be entered and Kana cannot be entered,

・There were many documents to be brought to the interview,

・Visa Application Center Tokyo is overcrowded and it takes more than 3 weeks to make an appointment for an interview.

For the reasons above, it was quite complicated. Please contact us if you have difficulty in applying it.


Phone: 090-7702-8565



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